Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Christmas Craft - Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Wouldn't these be cute to keep a bunch of kids amused during the Season?

I'd love to say I thought of this, but I didn't - you can find the original post and tutorials

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Deck Boxes for Collector Card Games

Sonny Boy (my ten year old son) and all his friends are really, REALLY into Pokemon.  Nana, being Nana, has bought him hundreds of these cards. I figured if he was going to have all these cards, he might as well learn to play, so I learned with him.

That's how they get you, you know....

So now we both have hundreds of cards.

Official decks are sixty cards each, and we both have enough to make several. If we're going to take the time to organize them into playable decks, we have to have a place to put them, right?

If I'm going to make something, I might as well share it!

Here is my template for a Decorate-It-Yourself  60-card deck box!  Kids can color them however they like, or you can print designs on them yourself. Put them together with tape and they are perfect for the next TCG* party. (*Trading Card Game - see how geeky I have become?)

Right click and "Save As..." to download. Print as an 8"x10" on heavy cardstock, cut out, fold, decorate and tape together along sides and bottom.

Here are a couple more pre-decorated. Save, print actual size and cut out.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bucket List: Lousy Movie, Great Idea

I'm a little slow at times, but I finally watched The Bucket List. I love Morgan Freeman, and since I stumbled across it channel surfing, I watched it.

Sorry, Morgan, but that movie was awful.  I don't like tearjerkers, and it was one. So if you haven't seen it, consider yourself warned.

That being said...

I like the idea of a bucket list - a list of things you'd like to do before you die. There are several things I would like to do, so why not make my own list? So here's my start.

I'm from the West Coast - and I love the ocean. But I've only ever seen the sun SET over the water, and once in my life I want to see the sun RISE over the sea.

I hope my list is long, and I have the time to do them all. Some of the things on my list, long before the idea had a name, will go on this new list as I go. Some I've already done, I'll add those as well. After all, I should get credit for the ones I've already done, right?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dandelions and Other Free Things

Dandelions aren't appreciated in all circles. They mar that perfect lawn, grow in odd places, and you just can't get rid of them no matter how hard you try. However, they are a beautiful flower, most parts are edible, and they are hardy - they can thrive in any situation, no matter how sparse. They're imperfect, and you don't have to buy seeds for them, they come free.

That's EXACTLY why I love them!

I consider myself a dandelion sort of person. I'm a free spirit, I try to do good for the world, and heaven knows I work on thriving in a place that isn't where I'd rather be. I can out-frugal most frugal people, (those magazine articles on how to save money make me laugh) and I love to reuse and repurpose things rather than throw them away.

So I figured I'd share a thing or two, in case someone else might find it useful, too. If nothing else, maybe we can share a smile (another one of those free things that is totally underestimated)!

Click this photo to find an article on good uses for dandelions!