Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gimp Free Photo Editing Software

Years and years ago, back in the stone age, I found a program for editing and adjusting photos. I loved it, used it for everything, used it until the disk was so scratched it would read anymore. Then it became obsolete and you couldn't find it anywhere to replace the disk. Even then I copied the files onto a CD and still used it.  I've used it so much I can make it do almost everything I want. Almost.

But I kept seeing all these fabulous things you could do in Photoshop, so I went looking to give that a try. Holy canoles! The price tag ranges from $400 to almost $1,000! And that's not including all the little $79.95 add-ons.

Nope. I am far too cheap frugal for that nonsense!

Then I found Gimp.  It's an open-source program (which means someone else is far too cheap frugal and created a program that is free to everyone! Kudos, fellas!) that rivals Photoshop in all the things it will do. They actually encourage everyone to distribute it, and contribute to making it better. Did I mention it's FREE?

It takes a lot of getting used to - it's not a program you can just pick up and use like a pro, you have to learn all the cool things that it does, and how to access them. I've been at it for a few weeks now, and I'm still learning.

So, being the cheapie frugal girl that I am, I'm passing it along to all my frugal friends.

Download the program, and learn more about it HERE or at

Happy Gimp-ing!

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