Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Pioneer-Hippie-June-Cleaver Woman Cooking Show

It's always kind of annoyed me that you find these cooking shows that everyone is crazy and raving about, only to discover that the stuff they're serving up  is actually specialty gourmet food that no one in middle America has the ingredients for in their cabinet.

At no time in the history of the world have I ever gone to my fridge and said "Oh, I have some extra arugula and saffron, what shall I make with these?"

Number one, greens don't last more than a couple of days, and I only grocery shop every two weeks. I don't have a pristine garden in my backyard. Heck, I live in a suburban apartment, so I don't really have a backyard at all. So I can't run out and snip those extra fresh herbs that I don't normally use. Greens don't do well in the freezer or in a can, so they're not something I could stock up on for someday in the future.

And saffron?  Currently going for $48 for a half-ounce - yeah, call me cheap, but I'm never, ever going to cook with that! Ever.

Cooking with Dione Lucas originally aired in 1948. 
Recently, on one of the oldies channels that are so popular on TV now, I came across a cooking show that was more my style.
Ancient and outdated by today's standards, it's still in black and white, and the newest fabulous thing that the cook raves about is a stove where you can actually regulate the heat with that knob on the front. (I kid you not!)  That's more my kind of show. She showed how to make a beautiful cake the other day (the 'other day' being closer to 60+ years ago when it was filmed).

When did we forget that cooking does not require a box?  With all the health conscious "clean eating" things making the rounds right now, its becoming more popular to cook your own food without using anything processed. Which is great - but when did cooking without something-already-prepared-when-you- buy-it become such a novelty? I have a friend who is a grown woman, with grown children and grandkids, who has never made a loaf of bread in her entire life. She's terrified to even try without help, because there's some mystical myth about how the pioneers did it and it was so complicated and difficult. (it's not, trust me.) And that's exactly how I felt about crepes, until I tried making them recently, only to find out they're actually very easy to make (and super yummy to eat!)

yeah, that's me... the pioneer woman
Please don't mistake me - I am not a "foodie", nor am I super health conscious. I just want to feed my family decent food on a lower-middle-class budget.  I know people who look at me like I'm odd, and give me a hard time about being some sort of pioneer-hippie-June Cleaver woman, the Cliff Claven of homemaking because I know how to do these sorts of things. Well, I'll give you a secret - you learn a lot of this sort of thing when you grow up and live most of your life without being rich. Sure, someday I'd like to try cooking with white truffles ($220 an ounce!!) but I doubt it will be any time soon. That doesn't mean we can't eat decently in the meanwhile.

Honestly, folks, I promise you it's not that hard.There's always a learning curve when you first set out to learn how, because it's new. But don't let that get you down, it's worth it in the end.

this would be the hippie half
With this in mind, the recipes and  tutorials I post are for good, honest, old fashioned, home-made, non-processed food - with no boxes in sight! (well, not many of them anyway...) If I post a homemaking tip here, you can believe it's tested and approved by the average, American, working-middle-class girl.

If there's something you'd like a recipe or tip for, please let me know! If it's something I can help with, I will absolutely show how I do it - the old-fashioned-pioneer-hippie-June-Cleaver-woman way.

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